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CECIL JONES - Singer songwriter, saxophonist, guitarist & composer

Cecil Jones CJ is a Musician, Singer-Songwriter, Solo Artist, Instrument Tutor and Multi-Instrumentalist from Freetown, Sierra Leone who lives in the city of Hull. 


Music has been part of Cecil’s life since he started his musical journey in Freetown Sierra Leone at the age of twelve. He then travelled to the UK where he continued his musical pursuits by studying at Morley College and Hull University respectively. 


He plays music from around the world, including Jazz, Classical, Pop, Gospel and Traditional.


Cecil’s music mostly relates to his life's journey and he finds a lot of strength and comfort through performing. He also performed with various bands and choirs in London and Hull.


Cecil runs Music Workshops in Primary and Secondary schools and also supports various charities including the Open Doors Project in Hull.

CJ's music has made its home in concert halls all over the country. Hailing from London to Kingston Upon Hull, CJ Entertainments was discovered at a young age and has spent years perfecting their technical sound and unique style while captivating the hearts of fans and audiences across the city. If you want to listen to our magical music and learn more about CJ Entertainments, feel free to browse through the pages of this website. You can also use the contact us page to make a booking or request a quote for a performance at your upcoming event.

CJ can bring live performances to your events. Entertain your audience with a top musician who has the ability to bring a distinctive sound to every project they work on. If you are looking for a professional musician to collaborate on a studio recording project or a live event, be rest assured that CJ will deliver and you will love working with him. Feel free to get in touch.


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